A little story about Gonzalez S "Sebastian Gonzalez"

I don't start with music, fantasy has always drawn my life. Before I made music, I made drawings and comics when I was a small child. Music, earlier no techno but records with a lot of beat like Michael Jackson I found it awesome at the age of 5. I never intended to make a big career out of sound, but when I was 8 I applied to the Mini Playback Show, unfortunately it didn't work out. In this day and age, I couldn't even imagine standing on a stage. I always thought the Love Parade was awesome on VIVA and I went there for the first time with my friends when I was 15.

Remembering this, I have to think of my family, who unfortunately all but two passed away within three years. I was a difficult child, but I guess my parents forgave me. I moved out of my home 21 years ago, to Baden-W├╝rttemberg. I would have liked to ask a few more questions, always honor your family, there is only one of them. After the first Love Parade in Berlin in 1997, I was fully into the techno trip to this day. With software that was not so good and a headset as a microphone, I then started producing like a madman to this day. I would have liked to have become a professional soccer player, it almost worked out, it was enough to train at Werder Bremen, torn muscle fibers. You can actually say only the tough ones come into the garden, over time you learn to take it, persevere and stay calm. I have a strong sense of justice and when I was 19 I was in the Foreign Legion in New York exactly a week after 9/11.

As far as techno is concerned, I'm actually into progressive techno, but I've also made a lot of music that goes more in the direction of pop house and in some moods it's not that bad. I don't think much of Schlager, but hip hop isn't really my thing either, my heart beats electronically. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to get good sounds to import, I once saw a trick that sound cards for keyboards are really cool, but also very expensive. My favorite musicians are Steve Mason who sadly passed away and of course Carl Cox. When it comes to pop techno and great sounds, nothing beats Daft Punk. The beat from the 90s was totally awesome from them.


I've been self-employed for 20 years now and just don't get the chance. I rounded off my computer knowledge with a distance learning course in web design. My hobbies are talking on the phone and being artistically active. I've also recently started painting with acrylics and I'm currently offering my paintings on Etsy, if I'm lucky someone will buy something. I became French, but I never gave up the German nationality I was born with in Bremen Mitte. By speaking with my father back then, I only learned the language in French, my English is also quite ok. My dream is to move to Marseille, I went there twice a year as a kid and I've lived there before. The French way of life is just great, and the croissant is just better.

As far as techno clubs are concerned, I let it all out in the 90s, we mainly went to Bremen and Oldenburg. Hamburg was never really my thing, well, I'm from Bremen too.


I make music with Cubase and Sythmaster, but I also work with Royal Major Sounds, legally I'm somewhat familiar with the music by now. I have now registered almost 25 CDs of mine with the German GEMA and also some CDs with the GEMA from the USA through my record company. I was never married and I don't have children either, never wanted to happen. I can forgive well and I like a good mood where I can just let my creativity run free. Anyone who claims that depression is more creative is not right in my opinion. You see bright colors in the mind when it's running. Do you also have fears about the future, it's actually always about money to live, I've always hated money since I was little. They say you have to love money, you're probably doing something wrong. I even went to a technical college for fashion design in Bremen, I just preferred partying, I was young and stupid.