Biography of Gonzalez S.

The techno site and techno portal techno-speedy.com
It's not the first music portal site I've made.
I already had the SPEEDY-MUSIC site in the 90s.
I was born in 1982, I've been making music with my PC since 1995.
Now I work with Cubase and musical instruments like keyboard,
Microphones and effects on the keyboard.
I am French, and I was born German, i
Now own both nationalities.


Techno came at the age of 1992 with a Mayday Techno CD.

From the age of 13 I listened to techno on EVO Sonic with others.
My favorite DJ used to be Steve Mason, I saw him a few
Live, sadly he passed away.
Other DJs I found fat were Carl Cox and Nathalie De Bora.


Then came the Love Parade, at the first Love Parade in 1997
I was on the road in Berlin for 3 days, the parade filled me up
Turned on. Until 2000 I was always at the parade in Berlin.

It is very difficult to find perfect sounds. One way is with Royal Major Sounds which can be used commercially. One site where you can find this is Loopmasters.com, they have a huge selection. Mastering is also important, in order to get a perfect sound, a good setting is mandatory at full volume, I also master all songs with DOLBY at Soundcloud.com. You should also test the sound in the car. If everything fits, it should be right.

Film Gonzalez S

In order to continue to be on the air, I was all over Germany
In clubs. A lot at Plant 2 and at Docklands in Bremen


Partying left its marks on me, paranoia set in
and the perception of unreal inspirations. Hammer was always
the morning club which opened at 2 p.m.
At midnight the music is heavier than in the morning.
I loved the sound Freaky House, as we called it.


Techno is my life, my dream is to go to a club in Detroit.
Chicago's Corbar Nightclub is also said to be awesome.

I'm conservative, but I can't stand right-wing extremists, multiculturalism has been normal for me ever since I was a child and lived in Bremen's Steintor. I became French because of very bad experiences outside of Bremen, where I later lived. From anti-Semitism to insulting my dark-skinned father, who was from Paris and an immigrant from Spain, I've faced many disappointments.


My hobby has always been creative work, including making music
make graphics and websites.


So, I want to continue producing music now, a little impression of me.