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There is completely free techno here

and party music by Gonzalez S.

With one click you can get all the CDs here for free

Download without registration under the Techno CDs.

Have fun with the party music and fat sound and find good party songs.

Music Image

Film Free

Cover Gimme a Peace

1. Gimme a Peace(Style House / Techno) more.

Cover Le Techno Manifique

2. Le Techno Manifique (Style House / Techno) more.

Cover My Techno

3. My Techno(Style Techno) more.

Cover Clown Call

4. Clown Call (Style Techno) more.


Cover Zasa

5. Zasa (Style Techno) more.

Cover Nightlife Yeah

6. Nightlife Yeah (colored Mixg) more.

Cover Techno

7. Techno (Clubby Beat) more.

Cover Schranz

8. Schranz (Psycho and Bam) more.