New style of music or is it just my imagination

The style of music by Gonzalez S:

My music is created in my head or external impressions.

I heard from a friend in Bremen, he plays my music, that people asked him what style Gonzalez S's music is. He called me and I actually said it's techno. But actually, some songs don't fit into a specific genre.

Since I don't listen to that much foreign music, I may have invented my own style. Some tracks are techno and house for me. I reconsidered the question from the man on the radio. I noticed that the songs are partly a mixture of pop with hard techno rhythms and are maybe really special.

I make my own techno, i.e. music that I like.

If my music is well received I would be very happy. On Soundcloud, I often read very good reviews and statements in the comments. I've been making music since I was 13 years old, partying at Love Parade and techno clubs and developing a lifelong love for electronic music, I married the world of techno. It's my therapy and element of blocking out problems and the urge to make music to dance to and also chill for different moods.

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