Techno Music, Housemusic and Pop House - Partymusic 2023


Cover Israel

Brooklyn Italia - Super Techno House Compilation.

Completly high producing

Deep House Danz


Cover Israel

Israel - Trance Techno to ACID Music.

Party and Chilling now


Cover Technoparty

Technoparty - the new CD by Gonzalez S

The CD is full.

The CD is professionally mastered and registered with GEMA.

Fat techno sound, the track Unknown Project is also worth listening to in its entirety.

Listen now and stream favorite songs !!!


Cover Mechanic Storm

Start of a fat series

What's the point of staying sober, the record is coming off.

I fine the CD is just fun and I can fully recommend it.

The record is totally danceable and gives really good techno feelings. This piece of music was created with the idea of making techno like it was from the 90s. Have fun, the box pops.


Part 2 of Mechanic Storm is here too !!


Cover I No Music Be

Techno with boom, baller music

Colorful cover and strong contrast in the music

A small piece of jewellery, the small plate with big wishes.

If you're drug-free now, you'll immediately get back into the old mood with the beats in the film.

Have fun, your techno portal !!!



TAPE, a fat CD with heavy beats.

Good mood to depressurize, turbine boiler

The CD TAPE is in the best quality and ideal for fans of heavier sounds. 9 songs in techno length with cool atmospheres.


Cover Mechanic Storm 2

Banging and creative sounds.

Part 2 of the Mechanic Storm series.

This CD is entirely my taste, deep bass and choppy beats express this CD.

This CD is registered with GEMA and can be played publicly. The excerpts from the CD in 30 sec. Length give a first impression. Order now and get something good. The wall dances awake with it.


Mechanic Storm 1 can also be played here!!!


Cover Cybersocks

Cybersocks is highly recommended.

Harmonious and energetic sounds that are fun.

The CD is professionally mastered by a record company and is listed by GEMA.

From house to deep house everything is included. Some songs are also inspired by Ibiza. Summer mood that also works in winter, play it now and find your favourites.


I want to dance all night!!!


Cover Techno Nite

Techno Nite - a good dance record.

Attention, the pressure vessel is pumping

The Techno Nite CD is a straight techno production and has a few gems of good sounding progressive records.

All songs are refined and in super quality, all songs and the record can be streamed on Spotify and Co. Here are 30 seconds excerpts, now listen to the whole CD.



CD Moinsen by Gonzalez S

CD Mietz is a Fraglle.

Fun with my Cat, best Sound.




CD Moinsen by Gonzalez S

The new CD Moinsen by Gonzalez S.

Funky and deep house which is awesome.

The CD is from 2023 and is in the best quality. The finest sounds to celebrate and dance to. Listen to excerpts from the CD here, download from all streaming services online. Download links are above the play window.


Cover Houzn

Houzn 1 is my favorite production.

The CD offers a mixture of deep house and electronic music with synthesizers. Tell me, the record is awesome.

The CD is registered with GEMA and refined by professionals in top quality. The Houzn has great tracks like Paris, Houzn, Jupiter or Extasa Harmony that I really like.

Houzn is fun for me, but Disco Rewind from Houzn 2 is pretty awesome.


My favorite production, isn't it fat, isn't it!!!


Cover CD Speedy

Speedy - total fantasy music.

The music with very special sounds.

The CD Speedy is more for chilling and is not the real techno style. The sounds are harmonious and dramatic with hope and worth listening to.


A CD to my old nickname!!!


Cover CD Space Me

Space Me EP - Funky House to Techno music

Simply a pleasure this music

This EP has a few tracks with the same structure but completely different beats. Space Me was an experiment, but I think the CD is great and the quality is great too.


Cover Around The Love

Around the Love - fine house to dance to.

Top CD with many gifts

The CD is professionally mastered and registered with GEMA.

The CD Around the Love is pure variety and puts you in a good mood. The CD goes more in the direction of deep house but has a few outliers.

Listen now and stream your favorite songs !!!


Cover Planet

My first creative piece that I published.

This CD is just plain fun.

A mix of different planets. All songs are different and the leg does not stay still.

The CD was even released as a physical CD and was registered with GEMA. I still have copies of the CDs. Just check it out, but it's not pure techno, more disco tec, new direction.


You can listen to all CDs of the Planet series here !!!


Cover TecX

TecX, a varied CD with 19 songs.

Everything from house to techno is included.

As a techno song, I can recommend the record Go, there are other good songs on it. Now play the excerpts, the CD is really great.


Ring Info other Music

Cover Acid Boy


Cover Core Dance


Cover Funk de Speed


Cover Houzn 2


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Cover Minimala


Cover Planet 2


Cover Planet 3


Cover MODE


Cover Pleasure


Cover Special


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