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Techno CD's by Gonzalez S on iTune and Co., new music releases

Excerpts from each song on the CD can be played here.

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The CDS presented here

are from techno, ACID to house music.


All productions are up-to-date and legally protected.

Each CD comes with and links for streaming.

www.techno-speedy.com - fresh new techno music and house music, have fun.

Soundcloud-Channel Gonzalez S


Current Releases:


Cover Cybersocks

1. CD "Cybersocks"

(Style Techno and House) more.

Cover Around The Love

2. CD "Around The Love"

(Style Techno) more.

Cover CD Space Me

3. CD "Space Me"

(Style Techno) more.

Techno CD Special

4. CD "Special"

(Style Techno) more.

I No Music Be

5. CD "I No Music Be"

(Style Acid) more.

Cover Mechanic Storm 2

6. CD "Mechanic Storm 2"

(Style Hardtechno) more.

Mechanic Storm

7. CD "Mechanic Storm"

(Style Progressive Techno) more.

Techno Nite

8. CD "Techno Nite"

(Style Techno) more.

Cover Acid Boy

9. CD "Acid Boy"

(Style Techno) more.


CD Houzn

10. CD "Houzn "

(Style House) more.

CD Houzn 2

11. CD "Houzn 2 "

(Style House) more.

Cover Houzn 3

12. CD "Houzn 3 "

(Style House) more.

Cover CD Planet 3

13. CD "Planet 3 "

(Style Electric) more.

Cover Planet 2

14. CD "Planet 2 "

(Style Bump) more.

Cover Planet

15. CD "Planet "

(Style Funky House) more.

CD Pleasure

16. CD "Pleasure"

(Style House) more.


17. CD "Speedy"

(Style Funky Houz) more.